The AGame

Give your students the edge employers are looking for and a head start in the job market.

Our turn-key curriculum was designed by top educators and corporate trainers with:

  • Engaging activities and lessons
  • Powerful visuals and supporting materials
  • Timely and relevant content

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Employers are desperate for young employees who are prepared with a strong work ethic.

We can help you instill work ethic values that are key to successful placements and lasting careers.

  • Training developed by workforce professionals
  • Course proven successful in leading workforce centers
  • We’ll help you train-the-trainer

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It doesn’t make sense to train young employees with skills when they don’t really know how to work.

Develop their work ethic by incorporating The A Game into your training regimen.

  • Increase Performance and Productivity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Costly Turnover

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Reviving Work Ethic